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Help The Misfits Pave their Way to Briarwood!

The old Briarwood Campus has sat abandoned for years, and has sat for sale. What was once a college many of our families attended, we want to bring back to life, and turn into a place for our community to and families to thrive. Over the past year and a half, there is one common cry amount families. 

The System Is Broken 

There Is A Huge Lack Of Affordable Childcare. 

For Many The Village Does Not Exist. 

Have a brick custom engraved in support of The Misfit Mamas Inc. opening their first family center.

Your Personalised engraved brick will be placed in the courtyards and sidewalks of the  property for all those who visit to be able to walk around and the village of support The Misfit Mamas Inc has within it.  If Briarwood sells from under us, we do have other properties we are considering and would add your bricks no matter the property! We won’t stop fighting for this property until it’s no longer available though. It‘s the one who has our hearts!

Become a Piece of Misfit History!

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Thank you for supporting our mission to purchase Briarwood!


Interested in becoming a part of the team? Fill out a volunteer application and start making an impact in your community today!

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