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Community Care Collective 

Parenthood is a journey full of ebbs and flows. Sometimes we need a little support along the way. Whether you are looking for connection and support through our virtual support groups, need childcare, a birth or postpartum doula, or even need help with basic needs such as clothing, diapers, wipes, and other essential items. Our Community Care Collective is designed to come together to help other families in a time of need. 

Need help with a scholarship or community care package?

Fill out the form below and our team will be in touch to see how we can better assist your family during these times. 

Want to make a donation to our program? Email us at

Packing Boxes

Are you struggling to make ends meet or have had a major change happen?


​Our Community Care Collective collects donations of gently used clothing and shoes diapers, wipes, toys, books, and other house hold necessities. We also offer scholarships towards our services & events when funds allow as well. 


When a family reaches out expressing a need, we put together care packages of those needs, packaged up nicely like gifts to make them feel extra special and bring some cheer to their day! 

Apply For A Care Package

Have you fallen on hard times and need some assistance with basic needs or resources available in your area? Fill out some information below and we will be in touch shortly to assist wherever we can!

Need A Scholarship?

Have you fallen on hard times and need some assistance with childcare or doula coverage? The Misfit Mamas Inc. has a scholarship program designed to assist families with partial or full scholarships for our childcare or doula and ticked events. 

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On a Video Call

Virtual Support Groups

Join us for our FREE weekly virtual support groups to find connection and support from others navigating similar chapters in their parenting journey.

The Misfit Care Collective
Coming December 2023

Find a Misfit Sitter, Nanny, or Doula near you! 

Are you overwhelmed by the options for caregivers and doulas in your area? Wish you had a way to narrow down who would be the perfect fit for your family, without spending hours searching and interviewing? Look no further! The Misfit Mamas Inc. Care Collective is a collaborative of various babysitters, full & part time nannies, as well as birth and postpartum doulas across Connecticut.Each one of our caregivers in our collaborative is is background checked, and CPR-Certified, as well as attends routine collaborative trainings and meetings. Our caregivers always have a team to lean on for guidance, support, ideas, and resources on how they can better support you and your family in your individualized journey of care. Which also means, you will always have a caregiver, even when illnesses happen, our team ensures our families are covered and fill in for each other when one has fallen ill, or has had an emergency come up.  You don't just have 1 of us, you have a whole village here!


Ready to start finding the right support for your families individualized needs? Click 'Get Matched' below, and fill out your individualized intake form, and someone from out team will be in touch within 48 hours to start finding the best match for your family!

Happy Mother with her Child

Baby Sitters


Providing short term occasional professional childcare coverage, assisting with transportation to children's activities, & helping with meal perp, light household task, and errands 

Doula at Home



Includes 2 prenatal visits, birth plan education and support, pregnancy, labor, and postpartum support. continuous support throughout labor, and 3 postpartum visits following your first 6 weeks with your newborn. 

Image by Kelly Sikkema


$35/Day Time  / $45 Overnight 

Assistance caring for your newborn and other children in the home, offering meal preparations, light household tasks, nurturing bonding time, support with feedings, and helping ensure parents are getting adequate sleep and self care time. 

Mother and a Child



Providing part time or full time long term professional childcare coverage, assisting with transportation to children's activities, & helping with meal perp, light household task, and errands .

Common Questions & Answers

Q- How does your Community Care Services WorK?

A-  When you submit your initial application, a member of our team will reach out to you within 24-48 hours to chat further and schedule a matching appointment for you. These usually last 90 -120 minutes, as you will interview with 3-4 potential candidates to fit your families needs. 

After you have interviewed your potential matches, we will follow up to see who you feel is best suited to care for your family. 

Q- What are the benefits to hiring services through The Misfit Mamas Inc. Community Care Collective?

A-  Our Collaborative has caregivers and doulas of all different seasons and qualifications and we work as a collaborative, We lean on each other to be the best support we can for our families. If we need additional resources or ideas on ways to better support and care for your families individual needs, they have the ability to lean on their collaborative peers for support and resources to continue being the best support possible for your family. We also help take the hunt and guess work out of finding the right fit, through our individualized match making processes. But we believe the biggest benefit, is that your support also helps us support families in need. 10% of service fee goes directly into our Community Care Scholarship Fund to assist single moms, or families that are not eligible  for assistance through Care 4 Kids. 

Q- Are your caregivers background checked and drug tested? 

A- Yes, all Misfit Sitters, Nannies & Doulas are Background Checked as well as drug tested prior to employment.

Q- What if my caregivers doesn't end up being the right fit? 

A-  We want to ensure all families are matched with the right care and support to fit their individual needs. If your original match ends up not being the right fit, our team will work with you to find someone better suited to match your family.

Q- What if my caregiver falls ill or an emergency happens

A-  The safety and health of our families is always a top priority. As a collective we provide another caregiver to fill in. 

Q- What does a doula do? 

A-  In the rare case of your doula being unable to attend your labor and delivery, your chosen backup doula would fill in for them. During your match making process, when you choose your doula, you will also choose a backup to fill in,  

Q- What if my doula is at another birth or falls ill? 

A-  In the rare case of your doula being unable to attend your labor and delivery, your chosen backup doula would fill in for them. During your match making process, when you choose your doula, you will also choose a backup to fill in,  

Q- What if need care or doula services but can't afford it

A-  The Community Care Collective has a scholarship fund available for families in need of financial assistance. Once you submit a scholarship application, our team will review and see if you qualify for a partial or full scholarship. 


Q- How does the program get items to gift?

A- We are only able to provide what is donated to us by members and businesses in the community. We accept new and gently used items that could benefit a family in any number of different ways. Hopefully in the future we will be able to provide much more.


Q- What kinds of items are typically donated?

A- Some of the items we often receive include clothing, diapers, baby necessities, non perishable food items, formula, diaper bags, hygiene items, children's and Mom books, baby carriers, pregnancy/maternity items, and toys.


Q- What are items that are needed most?

A- The most requested items are formula, clothing, shoes, diapers, wipes, food, household needs including toilet paper, a variety of cleaning supplies as well as personal hygiene items for infants through adults (tooth brushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash, razors, shaving cream, pads, tampons, deodorant, lotion etc.)


Q- Who can request assistance?

A- Anyone. However we do ask for patience as we are building up our team of volunteers and also may not have the items that are requested. We also give priority to those who have not applied and received items in the past.

Q- How do I contact someone from the program?


Q- What if I can't afford to attend any events that cost money?

A - You can complete a scholarship application letting us know what event you would like to attend and why you are in need of a donated ticket. We do our best to offer support when we can.


Q- How can I help/volunteer?

A- You can apply by clicking here. 

Q- How can I Misfit Care Giver or Doula?

A- We require our Caregivers and doulas to be CPR+First Aid Certified, If you are interested in becoming a Misfit Doula, you must show proof of enrollment or completion of a doula certification program. We also provide additional training opportunities throughout the year. You can apply by clicking here. 


Q- How do the virtual support groups work?

A- Select the virtual support group(s) you would like to attend and let us know by RSVPing on the website. A link will be sent and a post typically goes up on the Facebook page to join a private zoom room. You can join from your phone tablet or computer. These are peer support groups (not group therapy) however they are facilitated by Mamas that have be trained in the fields appropriate for the group they lead. 


Q- If I'm really struggling and need help figuring out what resources are available how can I get that kind of support?

A- If you have an emergency situation please call 911. We are not a crisis intervention agency. If you are struggling with symptoms of mental illness (first of all, you're in good company) please let us know by application or email how we can help. This could look like help finding a therapist that takes your insurance, or obtaining a list of hotline numbers you can call or text 24/7. We are doing our best to obtain information including food pantries/food banks, shelters, warming/cooling stations, legal advice, education advocates, special needs supports and more to provide to anyone who needs them.

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